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Table frame and dynamic text failing simultaneously on my map pages?

Question asked by rionas on Jul 3, 2018

I have a map page series that I update weekly but I'm having trouble getting the pages to output with the correct information. It's a simple map with a legend, table frame and a dynamic page number, but for some reason the table and page number are displaying incorrectly on some pages. This is happening both in layout view and in the output PDF, but not necessarily to the same pages. 


For example, today I have 21 pages but the page count seems to fluctuate from page to page between 21 and 18. The page number is correct almost every time but the count is wrong. On pages where the dynamic text is correct, the table frame appears with no content apart from the header and the [...] symbol in the lower right hand corner. It's behaving as though there isn't sufficient space to display, but I can force it to display with plenty of space to spare by clicking on it. 8 of my 21 pages are outputting to PDF with no table content, 5 are appearing with the wrong page count, one of which has an incorrect page number as well (page 19 is showing as "Page 18 of 18"). Aside from re-creating the layout from scratch, I have no idea what to do about this. Any suggestions are welcome.