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Managing single-picture raster datasets

Question asked by on Jul 2, 2018
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I am working on reorganizing and managing the imagery data for my company. We are a natural resources group with terabytes of historic orthophotos across the county.  As of now, everything is stored as flat-file-based system with all of our orthophotos stored in folders on our server. I'm wanting to reorganize everything the best way possible according to ESRI. 


After doing research, it seems pretty obvious that making use of mosaic datasets is the preferred method when working with tiled-orthophotos (multiple pictures that make up an entire mosaic). 


My main question is what to do with orthophotos that have already been mosaic'd (usually as a SID file) and the original data is not available. Does is make sense to create a mosaic dataset for a single orthophoto?  Should I keep the SID file as is? Should I put the SID file in a file geodatabase?


Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!