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Models not loading into web scene correctly

Question asked by hsinclai on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by hsinclai

Hey guys! 
I just published my first webscene! The models look decent and I am generally happy with it other than some clean up work. 

There is one major problem. I grabbed some assets off the Sketchup Warehouse to help fill out my scene, which is a road/intersection redesign. They are georeferenced and were carefully placed in my scene. When i exported the models they showed up in the scene about 50 feet to the right of where they are supposed to be.

Did I not select something during the export process? My scene is listed below and should be public for everyone to see. The glaring problem is the BRT bus that showed up in the middle of the intersection(supposed to be waiting at the stop sign), my blue phone(corner) and my yield to pedestrian crosswalk signs(supposed to the crosswalk.) 


Thank you in advance for any tips or advice