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My intersector processor is not respecting the active field of my geofence. The GED goes through regardless. Is this a bug? 

Question asked by Joseph_Marsh-esristaff Employee on Jul 1, 2018

I am using to GEP to accomplish the goal of simulating a SCADA system.  I have three circuit breakers inside a substation. When I set the status of a circuit breaker to open, it's load will drop to zero amps.  In the same processor, when the status changes to open, it write true to an active field in a geofence polygon that covers all three circuit breakers.


I then have my geofence sync set to update every five seconds to read the active field.


My second GEP takes the three circuit breakers and intersects it with my geofenceIt then filters out only the circuit breakers that are not load !=0 and field calculates them to 180 amps.


My problem is that regardless of what the active setting is in my geofence, the second GEP always pushes my GED through, and will update the two circuit breakers to 180 amps when I only want it to do that when the active field is set to true.


Is this an error on my side or is this a bug?