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The delay time on Barriers is not added to Travel Time when finding the closest facility

Question asked by fuad on Jun 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by jsandhu-esristaff

Dear Sir,

My name is Fuad Ishaq and I live in the West Bank, Palestine where movement and Transportation are restricted and affected by different type of barriers, I created a Network Dataset to run the analysis to examine the effects off different type off barriers such as: Checkpoints, Roadblocks, Earth mound, Wall Barriers, Road Gates etc. on economy and the real cost on transportation …so I constructed the Network Dataset from Road System and add the Roads Checkpoints as Barriers with delay time as added cost, I created the closest facility analysis layer, the purpose of this Network is to calculate the drive time it takes to travel from locality A to B through these barriers by adding the delay time to travel time. The problem is that the system doesn’t adding the delay time to travel time.

The delay time value is stored in a field located in the Checkpoint Barrier Layer, its name is Attr_TravelTime .

 Inside the Road System feature class there is a field called TravelTime .

Other thing, when creating the barrier using the Network Analyst “create Network location Tool” and run the solve button it adds the delay time to travel time but when I Load the Barriers from feature class or other shapefile it will not add the delay time to Travel time ,, so what’s the problem ???

I need your help to figure out why it’s not adding the delay time to travel time, thanks...