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InfoTemplate not working in only one layer.

Question asked by endlessdsire on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by rscheitlin


Im wondering a reason why my infoTemplate in one layer is not working. I have a dynamic service with 5 layers and all the other ones are working perfectly when i click in the map, showing the information about them, but when i click the number (2) it doesnt show anything and it says "no info available"


Here is where i define the infoTemplate.

0: {infoTemplate: getInfoTemplate2.getCriticalNisInfo()},
1: {infoTemplate: getInfoTemplate2.getNISInfoConf()},
2: {infoTemplate: getInfoTemplate2.getNISInfoPred()},
3: {infoTemplate: myinfotemplate.getSubConf()},
4: {infoTemplate: myinfotemplate.getSubPred()}

Here is where i have it: 2: {infoTemplate: getInfoTemplate2.getNISInfoPred()},


And this function gives me the infoTemplate that i use: 

let chqNisInfoTemp2= new InfoTemplate();
chqNisInfoTemp2.setTitle("<b>NIS: ${ARCGIS.DBO.CLIENTES_XY_006.nis}</b>");
let chqNisInfoContent2 =
"<div style=padding-top: 10px;><b>ID Orden:</b> ${ARCGIS.dbo.view_tiempo_order_po.id_orden}<br></div>";
return chqNisInfoTemp2;

It doesnt show anything. Even if the fields are not correct, it suppose to show the template with ID Orden and NIS empty, but it just doesnt work at all.