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How Does everyone store Labeling Properties for layers you update regularly?

Question asked by shlousek on Jun 29, 2018

I've got a few feature classes that I update about once a month.  These feature classes include some complex labeling including different label classes and rules about how to place/how densely to place labels. In ArcMap I'd update these feature classes by replacing the feature class in Arc Catalog. (Making sure all attributes and features classes were named the same).  Then, I'd open an .mxd that had the feature class and it would display along with all of the labeling properties including labeling classes intact.


In ArcGIS PRO when I update the source data, my layouts and maps maintain symbology, but the labeling properties do not remain intact. I'm forced to redefine label classes and basically set up my labels all over again.  


Has anyone found a work around?  Ideally what I am looking for is something analogous to a .lyrx file but for labels - or for the .lyrx file to include labeling properties - which I know it doesn't. 


Just wondering if anyone has any cleaver ideas/solutions.