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Over counting points in polygon (Spatial Join)

Question asked by lturley on Jun 28, 2018


I was wondering if anyone would happen to know how to deal with over counting of points on a heavily overlapping polygons. I am attempting to generate a count of attributes that fall beneath a buffered point (polygon) and create an output table showing all attributes as independent fields joining back to the un-buffered point (see following screen shots). I have attempted to use the summarize within tool but i do not know how to  generate the output table structure that I wish. If anyone would have a suggestion for solving for this count problem, it would be really helpful. 

Thank you. 



Showing the buffered points (polygons) and extent of overlap. Please note that the point feature being counted is reporting 40 despite there only being 1 actual point which falls within the area. I built a model to make a spatial join but for some reason it does not result in correct counts of points. The output table structure is exactly what I am trying to generate.

Model built to read a table for attributes as an input for the 'Select' for running spatial join, end result outputting selected count as independent field, finally joining back to add field the master.

Spatial Join configuration

I thought perhaps the point intersects 40 polygons, so I did a select by location and the end result was an overlap of 74 polygons, so I am unsure what is causing this issue. 

select by location on overlapping polygons