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Why are AGOL web map popups not holding formatting?

Question asked by rdanser_lasvegas on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by rdanser_lasvegas

I am having some issues with ArcGIS Online Web Map Popups. I am formatting them for data that are pulled in from Survey123 and am formatting the popups to appeal to my client. 


When formatting, I have found that after saving, and checking the popups, they appear to be holding the formatting that I had originally assigned. However, upon refreshing the page (since I will be sharing this map through a URL) I checked the popups and the formatting is completely gone. Font size changes and indents are gone. 


Is this not a feature that I should use? And why are the options there if they are not available for viewing after the map has been shared? I've included snapshots of my popups for clarity.