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Broken Standardized Addresses

Question asked by dewright_ca on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by dewright_ca

Here is new issue with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.x. I have a table that we run the Standardize Address tool on each month and then geocode and extract from. We are finding a interesting scenario happening. When the value going into the "Single House" or "Singe House with Subunit" locator type such as this:


399 W C ST


We see the house number, the "W" PreDir, "C" StreetName, and "ST" SufType parse back. But then in the same table we have:


399 W H ST


But in this case we get the "W" direction, but the "H" goes into PreType, then the "ST" into the StreetName.


This is a major issue that will break many things for states that build and support Sales Tax Data.


Bruce Harold / Brad Niemand / Agatha Wong / Shana Britt who would run point on this question?



If you look at the attached fGDB, you can see the source table; as well as the results from Desktop 10.6 and Pro 2.2; it looks like Pro 2.2 using the Single Address with SubAddress did the best job; but I will have to do a broader test tomorrow with more records to see if more scenarios show.