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ArcGIS Pro - Utility Network - SDE

Question asked by ModernGIS on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by dlaw-esristaff

Sorry to be seriously ignorant here, but I am doing some experimentation with ArcGIS pro and learned about the Utility Network package tool and the Water Distribution Utility Network and Electric Utility Network. Both I am curious about working with and experimenting with to integrate with my current workflow. At the present time, I am running a File GDB on ArcMap and publishing Feature Layers to our ArcGIS Online account. I have been experimenting with the ArcGIS Solutions and trying somethings out. One of the first things the instructions says to do is to create an Enterprise Geodatabase. I have all of the parameters I need for the Oracle database, except for the Authorization file. The only thing we have is ArcGIS Desktop Standard and Publisher. All of the literature I have been looking at keeps stating ArcGIS for Server, but of course I do not have that. So, the ignorant part.... In order to work with ArcGIS Pro and the Utility network feature, do we need ArcGIS for Server and SDE? Not very familiar with SDE functionality so I am learning on the fly. Looking for a little guidance is all.

Thank You