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transfer of Microsoft SQL statement to a statement that can be run against our SDE database

Question asked by ChrisWhittaker_SSWater on Jun 28, 2018
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we are migrating to a backend Microsoft SQL database and I have constructed a number of SQL statements like :


SELECT valvetype, count (VALVETYPE) FROM ssw_gis.valve
WHERE administrativearea= 'SST'


The statement below gives me a count of valvetypes that have been migrated across from a legacy system to an eSRI solution so that we can balance both systems during the transformation.


As a stop gap before we directly send the data into our Microsoft tables we are creating a SDE database locally.


The question I have is there a way of copy and pasting the Microsoft SQL I have scripted that is going direct to the database into ARCMAP or ARC Catalog to generate the counts of items. If not then is there a way of remapping my Microsoft scripts to run direct in any of these ESRI Apps ?