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Difference between WAB Developer and WAB Portal

Question asked by BARAL_hahn on Jun 27, 2018
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Since 10.5.1 it´s possible to "import" Custom Widgets into a ArcGIS for Portal. 

In the past we developed Custom Widgets in WAB Developer Edition.


Now I got a problem with the webappviewer - the application that starts the webappbuilder apps in Portal for ArcGIS.


I got different classes (not only the Widget.js) in the Widget and every class has it´s own language file.


The WEB Developer edition has no problem to load an language ressource with


When I start the Widget in an app in the WAB of the Portal for ArcGIS the dojo load says:

404 - [Widget]/nls/ExtraClass 

there is no extension in the request!


I got a NLSTest Widget as attachment.


Now my question: 

Is there a way to load these extra language files? 

Or do I have to copy all language things to string.js?