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Modify the Replica Geometry Feature

Question asked by lvargasgeotecnologias-esridist Employee on Jun 26, 2018



He have a #replica already created, it's a TWO_WAY_REPLICA and two instances are used in MS SQL Server (this is the configuration: Replica Access Type: Full, Initial Data Sender: Child Data Sender, Expand Features Classes and Tables: Use Defaults, Replica Related Data: Get Related).


The replica was created using the "Replica Geometry Features" option where a polygon was used to define the area to replicate. In this case, we want to expand the initial area of the replica and use a different polygon of larger size.


In a "normal" situation, the replica could be removed and then created again with the new polygon/feature, but in this case the replica is in a production environment and there are already published services, users, and also the replica have 6 GB gigas in size, so it would take time to restore the services etc.


Is there a way or have you seen an option where an existing replica created from a polygon/feature can be "updated/changed" and use other without having eliminate the replica?