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How to extend multiple lines to another line feature

Question asked by leafsfan45 on Jun 26, 2018
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I have a File Geodatabase that contains Parcel boundaries (black polygons), Main sewer connections (green lines) and lateral sewer connections (red lines). The lateral sewer lines are touching the parcel boundaries and have a valid topological relationship with the parcel fabric, however, many of them do not touch the Main sewer connection feature class (see picture below).

Lateral Sewer Connections


The Extend Tool from the Advanced Editing Toolbar works well on a one off basis but I'd like to process the entire network of lateral sewer lines in a single batch using the Extend Line geoprocessing tool. My problem seems to be that when I set up the parameters (see image), the tool runs successfully but doesn't edit any lines. When I run the tool with Extend to Extensions checked, the lateral lines end up establishing connections with one another vs. connecting with the Main sewer connection. 


Executing: ExtendLine SaniConnections_Metres_TouchingParcel_Copy "10 Meters" FEATURE
Start Time: Tue Jun 26 11:03:43 2018
Reading Features...
Cracking Features...
Assembling Features...
Succeeded at Tue Jun 26 11:03:44 2018 (Elapsed Time: 0.51 seconds)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!