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Combine 2 datasets (with attachments) in Collector App (and edit in excel)

Question asked by tredwell on Jun 27, 2018
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Hello and thanks in advance for your help!


I am doing a study on irrigation assets, collecting data using ArcCollector. This includes attachments (photographs of each irrigation asset). After collecting around 1000 records I realised that I needed to change some of my fields to better address the needs of the audit.


Out of fear of messing with my original 1000 records, I copied my feature class [IrrigationPoints] and made the required changes to the new, copied feature class [IrrigationPoints_1].


The changes were:

  • changed the site ID from integer to text
  • added more options sprinkler types
  • added a new field to capture defects
  • added a new comment field


I needed to desktop-edit my original data [IrrigationPoints] to include the new sprinkler types, defects field and comments field (which weren't included in the ArcCollector App while I was in the field). I have done so by exporting and editing in excel (as there were so many entries to change at once). 


So now I have collected data on the other 1000 assets in the new feature class [IrrigationPoints_1].


Do you have any ideas on the best process to combine these two data sets into one? I was hoping that I could use the append tool in ArcGIS Online, but have become aware that this won't take the corresponding attachments. And now that I have my original 1000 data entries in excel I think I have complicated things.   


I think this is the way forward (see below) but would love some advice as I am a novice and not usually very efficient with my processes (as you can probably tell from my process above). 


  1. Export the original data [IrrigationPoints] to a geodatabase (to include attachment table) 
  2. Join the attachment table with my data table which I editted in excel
  3. Create this into a new feature class (and display X Y coordinates)
  4. Publish this feature class into to ArcGIS Online 


Now I will have 2 hosted feature classes in ArcGIS Online. All with the correct data values. 


   5. Append the first data set with the second data set

   6. I am still not sure how I will make sure the attachments come with it!?


Thank you all on this community!!