EditTable Table Editing Widget for Web App Builder 2.5+

Discussion created by drackleyad on Jun 22, 2018
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Hey all, hope things are well.  I've been working on a widget to allow for editing tables in the Web App Builder via the Attribute Table widget, and I've got a promising prototype working in the repo below.  I hope to continue improving this tool in the future, but it's a good start so far.  Testing on versions above 2.5 would be appreciated.

GitHub - cmndrbensisko/EditTable: The EditTable Widget for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder allows for editing Table layers in a Fe… 

Note that this widget requires the use of the LocalLayer widget to add Table sublayers in FeatureServices to your map as Feature Layers.  More information about this widget below.

LocalLayerWidget Version 2.5 and AccessifizrWidget Layer - 09/28/2017 

Look forward to your feedback!