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Pansharpened Raster Color Changes After Clipping

Question asked by sourav_164 on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2018 by modybsystematics-co-il-esridist

I have a mosaic raster of an agricultural area. In the mosaic raster, a specific agricultural field (field no. 5) looks just like this 


When I clip the raster with the field's shapefile (shapefile of the field no. 5) the color changes a bit and looks like the following image. 

The following codes have been used to clip the mosaic raster -

#clipping the raster
arcpy.Clip_management(in_raster= mosaic_pan_layer, rectangle=str(extent_of_shape_file),
out_raster=pan_save, in_template_dataset=shape_file, nodata_value="65536",
clipping_geometry="ClippingGeometry", maintain_clipping_extent="NO_MAINTAIN_EXTENT")

#saving the clipped raster
arcpy.CopyRaster_management (in_raster = pan_save, out_rasterdataset = Clipped_pan_save, nodata_value = "9999")



I also have done the following - 

- mosaic image > properties > symbology > save the statistics in xml . Then went to the symbology of the clipped result image > "rgb composite"> type = "custom" > statistics =  "from custom settings", and loaded the statistics using xml.


Here is the results - 


The result is - 


The mosaic image has some black portion where the pixel values are 0

Is there any way to get the clipped raster to look exactly the same as the mosaic layer?