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Importing Multiple GPS Sources

Question asked by HMArnold on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by tkowal

We are working on a project to identify the GPS locations of multiple species of birds on an island using drone photos. We would like to have the ability to work with and enable/disable the display of individual species on the map, so Layers seems to be the logical way to go.


Currently we can generate CSV files for each species with the Species Name, Lat, and Lon values, either all species at once or a separate CSV file for each species.


Both approaches work, and with each species loaded separately, the layers can be enabled like we want, but with 30 or more species, that's 30 manual "Add Data XY/Export To Layer/Delete Import Event Layer" operations. Since we plan to do this several times for each environmental survey, that's a lot of iterative manual processing. If we load the entire show at one time, we get everything placed properly, but don't have individual display control over the different species.


When everything is loaded at once, we can select the different species, but I can't see a way to control individual colors or display control using selection.


Is there a way to import XY GPS data in bulk and retain the ability to control display according to a field using desktop operations?


We have the capability to externally generate CSV and DBF files with any combination of fields or records.


Any suggestions appreciated, including search terms that would guide me to something like this already covered in the forum.


Thanks in advance