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ideas how to create interactive Flood mapping with li-dar

Question asked by gis_student2 on Jun 21, 2018

I am looking to bounce some ideas off some heads to help build an interesting flood plain mapping model for the municipality I work for.


So here is what I have:


1. The city has one environment Canada water level gauge in the Elk River (the river that runs through town).
Essentially the engineers can look at this meters website and get updated information on the rivers water level in that location every 15 minutes. 


2. I have access to tons of classified Li-DAR data we had flown this year. 


Essentially what I want to create out of these two things is a model that changes the extent of the overall water levels around the city when the the meter level changes. I've made simple flood plane analysis models but would like to make this a model that updates itself and can give the engineers an indication of what areas to check at what levels. 


I'm open to all your great comments and constructive criticism. If you have a better thought on how to do this sort of thing id love to hear that too!