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CPU behavoir for Geoevent server

Question asked by amahmoodparachaesrifrance-fr-esridist Employee on Jun 21, 2018
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Hello everyone,


I am facing a problem regarding geoevent server. My client contacted us that sometimes stream layer is blank without any data. When I analyzed the platform, I observed that CPU of geoevent server was 100% saturated and with around 500+ TCP connections with web adaptor server. I stopped my IIS server but I noticed that TCP Connections were closed. But my CPU saturation was still 95%. The major process which took all ressources was JAVA of Geoevent server. 


So I restarted windows service of geoevent server. Now my CPU consommation is around 10%.


The client is using a simple JS application to read web map which contains 3 stream layers. 

The platform is based on arcgis enterprise 10.5.1 and geoevent server is federated and contexturl and websocketcontexturl points towards IIS. 


I have 3 questions :


1) What is the best strategy to cop with this staurated server problem. Are there any suggested ways / best practices to consume web maps which use stream layers to handle connection. 

2) What can be more possible reasons for server saturation.   

3) What strategy you suggest to do load testing of this platform. 


Thanks a lot