Minimazing vehicles traveling half empty ?

Discussion created by piaghe on Feb 8, 2011
We are having problems getting into routing solution that would have (prefer) drop points "close to oneanother" so that vehicle does not travel half empty for long dinstance. For example: Trucks pick up their cargo at a depot caring only few costumers goods each. The distance to drop point can be quite long sometimes. Now the solution prefers dropping some already early in the route and then continues for long distance to next drop point. With a big truck travelling half empty is not acceptable. The prefered ratio is that the distance from first drop point to the last drop point is max 20% of the total distance (from depot to the last drop point).
Does anyone have any ideas how to conquest this problem ? I was thinking maybe using some other GIS analysis to make groups of drop points close to oneanother. So that each group would contain orders weight sum to mach truck capasity...
I'll appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you in advanced :)