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Best version to make 3D maps?

Question asked by aengelhaupt on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I have been working with ArcMap 10.5.1 and having a hard time to get depths to show up as z layer (with negative altitude value). It is so finicky for importing X,Y data and I wasn't getting it to do what I wanted so signed up for a trial of ArcGIS online thinking it would be simpler. I can import X,Y dat much easier on the online version but still can't find a way for z data to show up on the map. Do I need a better program that will do 3D mapping such as ArcGIS Earth? It is difficult to find the capabilities of each option before diving in, in theory I can't understand why there is a Z layer if it can't be displayed and this should be part of the basic package? Hesitant to pay more of course when I can't seem to find what I want on any existing option. Any input is appreciated.