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Can you access Sent surveys database on device?

Question asked by btkinal_SyrUniv on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by btkinal_SyrUniv

I posted a question(Resending survey from "Sent" after form update due to error in original) the other day, wondering if it is possible to resend data from "Sent" surveys after updating the form but saw no responses. I had published a form using a "Null" field in a pulldata() calculation but forgot to add the csv file to pull from  and now have 400 records missing data in a crucial field. The null values still seem to be on the devices when viewed from the sent surveys so I was first thinking if I added the csv to the media folder and republished the survey that it would update the record, this didn't work. so my second thought is that the data must reside on the device somewhere, is there a way that I can have all of my users send me the "sent' surveys data base