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Public Notification Widget - selecting adjacent parcels

Question asked by carystiebel on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Confare_T

I am using the newly released Public Notification Widget.  The issue is that when a user wants to select adjacent parcels, they may enter a buffer distance of 1' for instance, this theoretically should just select the adjacent parcels.  It does select the adjacent parcels when I am using the tax parcel (polygon) layer but if I use the site address (point) layer it does not select the adjacent parcels because it is creating the buffer from the centroid of the polygon not the edge of the parcels.  Question that I have is can I use the public notification widget using just polygon layers and not a point layer.  Buffers should not be generated from a point layer but rather only from the parcel (polygon) layer.

The documentation online suggests using both a point and polygon layers for this widget.