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Attribute table: Create random values by percentage

Question asked by JacobBpunkt on Jun 20, 2018
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Here is my general aim:

I want to fill a attibute column with different values and each has to appear by a specific percentage.


Here is my aim with a few more details:

I do have a shapefile with detailed catchments of cropland. And i do have a list of 12 crop types. I have already created a new column called RandomCropType ("CROPTYPE"). I now want to fill the column the numbers 1-12, following the rule that each number has a specific "chance to appear" by a specific percentage (e.g. 1= 14%, 2= 6%, 3=10%, 4=26%, 5=4%. ....).

At the end i want to have 14% of the features classified with "1"; 6% of the features classified with "2", and so on ...


Here is my (hopefully simple) question:

How does it might work in ArcGIS? Or - ive already thought about it - is it not worth trying in ArcGIS and better using MC Excel?


Here are my skills:

I am a student (Landscape Planning), my ArcGIS skills might be "alright". I am familiar with the model builder and at least tried to work with python.


Best greets from Germany - and thanks in advance,