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Survey123 Report: placing attachments side by side (or each on a different line)?

Question asked by htouyeras_1 on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by WILLIAM51

Good afternoon,


Is it possible to use some smart syntax in Survey123 report templates to avoid attachment piling up on top of each-other?


My survey has its "image" field within a repeat, so people can take several pictures of the feature they are surveying, for instance to show the different issues on the same feature.


I downloaded the report template and reused the part about the attachment without modification:


${attached_item | size:250:0}



When creating the report for a feature with several attachements, all the attachments are ported in the report, but they are all placed on top of each other.

EDIT: the above syntax will place each picture on its own line, it is okay. I realize I did wrong when actually using:

${#attachments} ${attached_item | size:250:0} ${/attachments}


I was wondering if there is a way to iterate through the attachments, so that I place the first one found on the first page, and all attachements (to make it simpler) at the end of the document, that is, all of them side by side or each on its line, but not on top of each other.


Any help greatly appreciated!!