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Collaborators Unable to View All Survey Data

Question asked by shepardb on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by shepardb

I have a survey with public permissions to submit data.  The analyze data portion is constrained to members of a group.  As the owner, when I log in and navigate to Analyze or Data I see all 15 surveys that have been submitted.  When a member of the group added to analyze logs in, the date filter is set to 12/13/17-12/13/17 and only one survey record is displayed.  Changing the custom date filter to 12/13/17-6/21/18 (today) still only returns one record.


Why can the owner see all records, but the users that have had the analysis shared with them only see one record?

Why is the date filter constrained to a single day?


Something else that's odd:

On the Collaborate > Submit page, I see a normally formatted statement: "Choose who can submit data to this survey:"

On the Collaborate > Analyze page, I see something else: "surveyCollaborate.shareSurveyResultsWhoCanSee" and "surveyCollaborate.shareSurveyResultsWhatCanSee".  Not knowing what this means, I've selected both "surveyCollaborate.shareSurveyResultsWhatCanSeeOpt1" and "surveyCollaborate.shareSurveyResultsWhatCanSeeOpt2".  I didn't notice a difference between either option.


Why is this page displaying this way?