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eSearch Widget - order by Shape?

Question asked by carrie.munill on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by carrie.munill

We are adding a functionality to the Enhanced Search widget to allow a user to select point locations and then send them to a (non-GIS server) for processing. Order is very important for this to work correctly. We have a workaround involving selecting (and adding) locations one at a time, but this is not ideal and can become cumbersome. Ideally a user would draw a line (with a buffer) to select the locations, in order of beginning of the line to end of the line. Currently the results are returned and we have them being sorted by a certain field, but this doesn't really help our case, as there is no field that will always yield the correct order (as it is being done interactively). SO, a thought occurred - is it possible to order results in the eSearch widget from a Shape query?