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Start - Stop time function based on now()

Question asked by Thomas.Perriment_AtkinsGeospatial on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Thomas.Perriment_AtkinsGeospatial

Hi everyone,


I've been looking into the use of a "Stop" time button (End Standing Time) within a repeat, upon which a related dateTime (Finish Time) would appear with the current time appearing when the stop button (as a likert) is selected. 















My issue is that if I set the default time for the Finish Time to now(), it will give me the time at the first opening of the repeat and not the current time, and if I set the calculate field as now() whilst it does give me the correct time, it will refresh the time whenever I cycle through the repeats (going from 2 of 2, back to 1 of 2).


I am hoping to have a stop button which will set the Finish Time as current time when selected, with this time not automatically recalculating and changing when I go back (current workflow shown below). The XLS form is as follows: 



Step 1: Create first repeat entry.

Step 2: Select Stop button auto-calculating Finish Time to now()

Step 3: Create second repeat entry.

Step 4: Click back to first entry to find Finish Time has updated from 13:45 to 13:46.


Is anyone able to suggest a workaround for this?


Thanks and regards,