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orderByFields Not Working

Question asked by SparkDev on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by ppenn

Having some issues with orderByFields on my data set.  I've tried both through URL params and via code and both seem to just return the same results without ordering the data with the selected field.  I'm using the following code:


var n = '[*]';
var xz = '"TRUE" = "TRUE"';
var szn = '["Subdivision ASC"]';
return p.outFields = n, p.where = xz, p.orderByField = szn, p.returnGeometry = !o, o && c.setRequestPreCallback(e.requestPreCallback), f.execute(p).then(function(e) {
                                                return e.features ? e.features : []
                                            }, function(e) {
                                                return []


I have also tried via adding parameters via the URL like :



Supports Advanced Queries is True as is Supports Order By.    Current Version is 10.51.


Any suggestions?