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Upside Down Labels Using Street Address Placement In ArcPro

Question asked by Alexcua on Jun 19, 2018

Hi there,


I've been experimenting with ArcPro's street label placement and getting the street label to appear centred in between each street segment and have found it difficult to get exactly right with the regular street placement label style. This being said, when applying the street address placement style, it places the labels correctly at the centre of each segment perfectly as I want it, however the labels are rotated upside down (as can be seen in the attached screenshot).


Is there any way to use an arcade or python script in order to flip the labels with the street address placement style? There doesn't seem to be a way to flip it as the 'flip angle' option in the label properties is greyed out. I want to avoid converting all the street labels to annotation.


Thanks in advance!