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Empirical beyesian kriging Regression prediction

Question asked by bouziane_kaoutar11 on Jun 19, 2018
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hello ,

I m trying to model some pollutant air concentration ,so I used the the new added interpolation method Empirical beyesian kriging Regression prediction from Arcgis pro,after setting the model characteristics I got a map wish I found acceptable but still I need second opinion about fitted semivariogram because NOT all the points  fall in the middle of the semivariogram spectrum.I tried all the transformation and the semivagiogram types and the best result (please see attached)  for the fitted semivagiogram was found when I used :log empirical transformation and ,K-bessel semivariogram type.

so my question is do you think this is acceptable results to use (see attached results)? because  I couldn't find any literature in esri website  about how to interpret the nugget and partial still and range for the Empirical beyesian kriging Regression prediction since it  creates a large number of semivariograms for each subset.