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Why is my WMS Service 3' feet off when brought into AutoCAD?

Question asked by cdebruin on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by cdebruin

I'm seeing a 3' vertical shift when I bring an ArcMap published WMS Service into AutoCAD. Everything appears in the right place across all ArcGIS platforms. I know I've run into this issue before and solved it, but I can't find that solution again.


The service contains only a mosaic dataset of two ortho tiles downloaded from the NYS GIS Clearinghouse website. It is published through our local ArcGIS Server and shared publicly.

The ortho tiles are originally in my local State Plane coordinate system. I have tried many iterations of adding rasters to the mosaic to try and have it show up in the right place.

The different options I've tried setting to Web Mercator include:

  • The Ortho Mosaic geodatabase item
  • The setting when adding Rasters to the mosaic (both with "Forced this Coordinate System for Input Data" check and not checked)
  • The data frame in the publishing MXD
  • The world files for each tile


I know this can be done correctly because the State's WMS service has the photos showing up in CAD in the right place. I am only using the State tiles as test data. Eventually I want to run the same process on private data.


I've called both ESRI and AutoDesk. AutoDesk tells me it's a problem with the published WMS and to talk to ESRI. ESRI tells me it works fine in their products so call AutoDesk.

Thank you for your time.