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ArcGIS server Geoprocessing job failed immediately after submit

Question asked by swapp0 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by swapp0
I have a few geoprocessing services published onto a production ArcGIS server but after a series of Windows 2012R2 and ArcGIS server updates, the services stopped function.

When I submit a job, these are the messages I would get:

  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Submitted.
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executing...
  • esriJobMessageTypeError:
  • esriJobMessageTypeError: Failed.

To test and see if there is something wrong with the server, I published an empty python script. When I submit a job to that service, I get the same set of message. If it had function normally, there wouldn't be any "esriJobMessageTypeError". Its as if the code did not execute at all, stopped at the first line.


Attempting to built my service from scratch step by step and I think I have located where the problem started.

Starting from the beginning,

  1. Published an empty python script to a test python service and confirmed that it is running normally.
  2. Update the script with some imports. Service is executing normally.
  3. Update the service with one input parameter. The service failed with the above 4 lines of esriJobMessag. However server log did not record anything

Have test the empty script with a single parameter on another ArcGIS server and the server execute the service with no problem.

So what should I do next? Anything before completely re-install the problem ArcGIS server?