Utility Network Services Offering

Discussion created by dcarson-esristaff Employee on Jun 18, 2018

ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension (Utility Network) is designed to provide a foundation for utility GIS solutions for many years to come. Utilities can now support business functions far beyond traditional GIS implementations including:

  • The ability to model, edit, and analyze complex networks of facility infrastructure using all Esri platform clients whether in the office or out in the field
  • Enabling key modeling concepts to better support a true representation of what is on the ground, while fostering an easy exchange of network information with other mission-critical systems
  • Support for highly responsive editing and analysis capabilities and much more

Esri has created four services packages as described below which are intended to help utility customers prepare for and take advantage of the Utility Network new capabilities.  The following provides an overview of each services package:

  1. Implementation Planning Strategy:Conducting a discovery workshop to review key business requirements and  processes, system integration requirements, geospatial workflows and data
    • Conducting a discovery workshop to review key business requirements and processes, system integration requirements, geospatial workflows and data
    • Developing a Utility Network Planning Strategy Document containing recommendations in the follow areas:
      • Gap analysis between your data model(s) and the utility network asset package
      • Extending the electric, gas, or water asset package
      • Extending utility network rules
      • System integration
      • Data preparation considerations for data migration
      • Staff training plan
  2. Data Health Check
    • Your business systems require clean GIS data to operate effectively
    • Validate if your existing data is UN ready before embarking on a full-scale data migration project
    • ArcGIS Data Reviewer training and implementation
  3. Pilot Project/Proof of Concept:

    • Data model / asset package configuration
    • Data migration (migrating your data—not an Esri sample dataset)
    • ArcGIS Pro project setup and configuration of editing templates
    • Services configuration and publishing
    • Configuration of branch versioning and network / subnetworks
  4. Data Migration Training Workshop (using Esri provided sample data)
    • Workshop topics include:
      • Asset package modeling
      • Rule modeling
      • Data migration concepts
      • Asset package loading into the UN

Any combination of these packages can be provided based on your needs to receive consulting from Esri as you make the transition to the Utility Network.  Please contact your Esri account manager for additional information.