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Defining data sources not considered when registering data

Question asked by mai_quynhnhu on Jun 18, 2018

I've been using an mxd to a particular service for some time now, and I am noticing some strange behavior in terms of data definition and data registry.


When the mxd was created, the layers' data source was defined by a shapefile. We then imported everything into postgre and I attempted to re-register the data source in order to publish the service. I then got this error:


After some research, I found that this may be due to the fact that the data connection did not have the 'save password' box checked, and this has been known to cause problems.


I created a new data connection with the 'save password' box checked, and redefined the data source using the layer properties interface:

I then registered the data using this data connection instead (via arcgis server properties).


When re-analyzing the service upon publication, the data is said to still be unregistered. This is very strange, considering the data registration was successful and the data source was properly defined (via the data properties window).



I then tried to update the data source by dragging in the layer from ArcCatalog (as though it's a new layer). Upon re-analyzing, the data registry was properly taken into consideration upon service publication. This is not ideal for us, as we have many layers with varying symbology, labels, etc that I would like to keep without completely re-doing (as would be required if I dragged in the new layer from the new data connection instead of simply defining it in the layer properties).


Is this a known issue? Is where any way to get the "Define data source" ("Definir la source de donnees") option to work? Any other way to go about this?