MapService hangs

Discussion created by DCSlatunn on Jun 15, 2018

I am accessing a mapservice with a internal application that we developed.  When one of our users try to look at a map it will sometimes cause the MapService to hang.  The MapService stays in that state (this could be for days or weeks) until I go to ArcCatalog and edit the MapService and resave it.  Just Stopping and Starting the MapService DOES NOT work.  I have to go in and edit something (I usually change the Max # of records returned by server by +-50 records).


We have been using this website for years but this behavior just started happening about a year ago.   I get no warnings and the mapservice doesn't seem to repair itself (check for idle instances config setting is set to 30).  We usually only have 1 or 2 people working on one map at a time. Sometimes the users won't notify me of this problem for days. I then go in and resave the map and it is fine. They will then work on it again with no problem for weeks until it happens again. I have been trying to play with some of the settings above, but since it only happens periodically (once a week on different maps) this trial-and-error is taking a long time to troubleshoot...and it may not even be helping. 

Some info:

-it seems to be related to when the map is taking a long time to load so that the user clicks something else.

-These are dynamic mapservices

-Pooling is set up as Min 1 and Max 2.

-Pooling timeouts default of 600, 60, and 1800

-Processes: low Isolation and 8 instances per process. Set to periodically check and repair every 30 minutes

-I am displaying the mapservices with the Javascript API

-We are using 10.5 Enterprise

-We hired new people in our IT department that may have changed a setting?? Our system in set up with ArcServer on one server and SDE and data on another server.  Not sure, though, because it doesn't happen all of the time.


Let me know if you have any ideas!