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Problems using "Make Query Table" Tool.

Question asked by sam.gregory@fauna-flora on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by sam.gregory@fauna-flora

I have recently been trying to join a database table (AfricaTable) to a feature class(Africa_Shape). Both are in the same personal gdb (as I am lead to believe this is the correct format, from the tutorial I have tried to follow). The database table has the following relevant fields: ObjectID, Country (Text), Date (Date), and a "Present" (Double). The feature class has the following relevant fields: ObjectID, GID (Text), Name_0 (Text). 


When I am using the tool, I add both the feature class and the table as the inputs. I am joining with an expression that the "AfricaTable.Country" = "Africa_Shape.NAME_0" (I have tried this with "..." '...' and nothing). When I verify the expression it verifies, but says no records are found. I have attached images showing both the table, feature class, and the tool parameters. 


Ideally I am wanting the Africa shapefile, in the format of the table. So hopefully I can put it into a time animation of whether conservation efforts have been present in certain countries throughout the years. 


Thanks in advance for your comments, questions and suggestions.