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Setting up Database Server (Workgroup) ArcGIS Enterprise

Question asked by nynjtc_gis on Jun 15, 2018
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I am trying to create a workgroup geodatabase by setting up a database server along with ArcGIS Server 10.6. I have SQL Server 2017. When attempting to do so via this help page and through ArcCatalog (Create a desktop or workgroup geodatabase—Database Server (Workgroup) Installation Guide | ArcGIS Enterprise) I get an error that states "Error creating this geodatabase. The application is not licensed to perform this operation."


I have proceeded to run the Database Server setup wizard (Set up a database server—Database Server (Workgroup) Installation Guide | ArcGIS Enterprise) but upon setting the sql server instance and windows login, the application freezes. 


In brief: has anyone else had a similar experience with a enterprise workgroup license ArcGIS Server setup? How was it setup to create a editable workgroup geodatabase? Thank you


- Robert