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Discussion created by lubosaltchev on Feb 7, 2011
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Hello Everyone,

I've got a small issue when dealing with Cost Path in the Spatial Analyst.  I created a least cost path and everything seemed to go smoothly as I was going through all the steps: creating a cost distance, a backlink raster etc etc and I was finally able to produce a path from my starting point to my finish point. 

My only issue is that the path seems to loop around in places and it just doesn't make too much intuitive sense.  I've attached a picture to illustrate this.  Now.  It makes sense that the path goes across the "white" areas of the map, considering these represent "low cost" areas in my cost raster.  But, why does it seem to loop or contort so much through those areas?  Wouldn't it make sense for the path to go through the white areas in a relatively straight line?  I am obviously missing something or not fully grasping the extension.

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.