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geofence error

Question asked by Dunnjs_Willis on Jun 15, 2018

Good Morning


I have an issue trying to create geofences. I have an instance of Geoevent running on a federated portal. 


I can publish a hosted feature layer to the portal and create a geo definition for it. However when I try and create a geofence I get the following error. 


Failed to execute the Map Service Synchronization 'null' (based on data store 'JDPORTAL').


An unexpected error has occurred while updating the GeoFences from server "JDPORTAL" in service "ELA_Mex3". Geometry engine failed to parse a json into Geometry object: nul,"spatialReference":{"wkid":4326}}. at com.esri.ges.util.GeometryUtil.fromJson( at com.esri.ges.datastore.agsconnection.DefaultArcGISServerConnection.getGeofences( at 


and so on. ...


Does anyone have any initial ideas why I can create a geoevent definition but not a geofence ? This is just point data. 


I'm using ArcGIs Server and Portal and GEE 10.5.1