ArcGIS Online map for a California EEI Lesson

Discussion created by frobchen on Jun 14, 2018

California Education and the Environment Initiative lessons are available to teachers in California.  They are the result of a law which mandates environmental education within a framework of 5 Environmental Principles.


Having taught using the EEI Unit, "Biodiversity: They Keystone to Life on Earth", I knew that a map would greatly help students to visualize the content and help them to see patterns and relationships.


Because there aren't enough instructional days (because of other required activities) to complete the NGSS Integrated curriculum, I saw how ArcGIS Online mapping tools would be quite handy to use to enrich the learning experience.  A colleague and I volunteered to re-work NGSS Instructional Unit 4, which focuses on some aspect of the environment, by using EEI lessons.  At the time, I offered to include ArcGIS Online mapping tools in the modified Instructional Segment.  In other words, I have made one map to share with the teachers in spring 2019.  I will also have the opportunity to teach the middle school science teachers in our district the fundamentals of mapmaking using ArcGIS Online.  I plan to use "Undercover Mapper", "Geographic Features of California" and a carefully selected Geoinquiry.


Here is a link to my map and ask for your feedback.  I have time to improve it...such as adding pictures, etc., etc.

Geographic Features of California


I thank you for your comments and help when I have asked for your feedback in the past.  I look forward to what insight you can give me with this work.


Many thanks,   Della