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Unable to make 3D measurements from SPOT 6 images

Question asked by tdbtdb on Jun 13, 2018
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Hello everybody,


I am trying to measure heights from SPOT 6 images using the "top to shadow height" tool under Mensuration in the Image Analysis window. The images are in DIMAP-2 format, and I am using ArcMap / ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1 Advanced License type on windows 7 64 bit. I can load the dataset into ArcMap by loading the DIM_SPOT6_P_XXXX.XML file, which activates the "Base to shadow height"  mensuration tool, however the other height tools remain greyed out. Is this a sign that ArcMap is not reading the RPCs for some reason? I note that this works fine for Pleiades images I have, which are also in DIMAP-2 format.


Thanks for your help!



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