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How to build route navigation

Question asked by pathVuWorker4 on Jun 13, 2018

I am building wayfinding apps for Android and iOS using custom parameters, queries, etc.  The route is returning just fine using RouteTask and such.  I am also displaying the user location on the map using LocationDisplay.  However, I am stuck on the actual navigation.  I want to display one DirectionManeuver as the user gets to that maneuver.  I am able to loop through all maneuvers, but I want show one at a time as they reach that location.


I have received these suggestions from colleagues:

  1. Use GeometryEngine to compare user location to maneuver geometry
  2. Geofencing
  3. Use device accelerometer to get distance traveled in a specific direction and compare to route distance

I cannot get any of these to work right.  What is the best method?  Is there a function in the API that I am missing?


Thank you very much!