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Calculating distance between points along (segmented) least cost path

Question asked by susanws_also on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by _daviko.js

ABOVE SCREEN SHOT -- I have two datasets: a point feature class representing destinations, and a polyline feature class representing the fastest route to one singular destination from every other point. What I would like to do now is automatically calculate the total distance of each path from a single origin point to the destination point. I can do this manually by selectingn all the segments that comprise a path as shown above, and summarizing the shape_length field in the attribute table, but it seems like this should be a fairly straightforward task for ArcGIS.


I've read other Geonet messages asking similar questions, and have successfully converted my polyline to a route [using Create Routes tool in the Linear Referencing Toolbox] and then attempted to use the Locate Features Along a Route tool, but the resulting table did not contain measurements that made any sense (note: the polyline/route feature class actually contains 188 line segments rather 12 as what appears to be illustrated above)


Any guidance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!