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ArcGIS Pro - How to export complete view of a Map when zoomed to full extents

Question asked by lessears on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by lessears

In ArcGIS Pro I am using the Share -> Export -> Map function to export a Map of the world.  It is a flat map and therefore much wider than tall.  When I export the map when the map view is zoomed to the full extents the resulting image file is not as wide as it should be and the edges of the world have been clipped off.  If I zoom out the map view significantly (such that the map itself only fills a small area of the screen, then the exported image (while much smaller in size) shows the complete map.  Since we always export a full view of the world map and only move where the map is centered at, we have selected to enable wrapping to make it much easier to move without inadvertently changing the zoom level, we'd like to be able to export from the full extent view and have the resulting image show the entire world.


I have checked the extents of the layers and they all are set to the entire world.


Is this a bug or is there something we can do so the export always matches the current map view?


I added attachments to show exactly what is happening.  Map1.png is an export from the Map1 Screenshot.png and Map2.png is an export of Map2 Screenshot.png.