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iframe Extent Issue

Question asked by jordan.miller on Jun 12, 2018

I have a question regarding iframes. On my webpage I have two iframes; one for a webscene, and one for webmap. Each is set up to show a specific extent. I have them set up in tabs so they take up less room on the page, and users can flick between 3D and 2D view.


However, something weird is happening; when I place the webscene iframe ahead of the webmap iframe, it seems to affect the default position of the webmap, i.e. the default extent is zoomed out and offset to where it should be. When I swap them around so the webmap is in front of the webscene, the default position of the webmap is fine.


I've attached a couple of sceenshots to show what I mean; one with the webscene in front of the webmap, and the other with the webmap in front of the webscene.


I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Is it possible that the code in the iframe is being affected by external code? I simply cannot work out what is happening. 


Any ideas or help would be appreciated!