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Sharing Private Deployed Web App with Other Organizations

Question asked by epd_llc on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by rscheitlin

I have created a WebApp in AGOL and have shared it with a Group that includes our client's ArcGIS Online Account. However, when I sent them the link to the map, they entered their login credentials and refused access because they are not a member of our organization.


Some articles said that to share a private app with members of different orgs you need to deploy it (and it will likely need custom widgets in the future), so I did the following:


1) Loaded the app into my Web App Builder 2.8. It launches successfully from within WAB.

2) Deployed the app to 

3) Added the deployed app to our ArcGIS Online Account


      At this point if you go to the URL, you get this prompt:


I logged in successfully, which is surprising - I thought I would need to register the app first!


4) Registered the app (redirect URIs:,

5) Added the AppId to the config.json and replaced it in the server-side version.


Now - when I go to the link it won't load! I just get the blue screen and loading bars.


I'm really confused - I don't understand the purpose of registering the app, don't understand why adding the AppId is causing an error, and am unsure about whether I need to set up a proxy or not.