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Survey123 - Change column headers in Survey Data Page

Question asked by horryadmin on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by horryadmin

I have a survey I created using Survey123 Connect. I didn't set all column aliases up initially when creating the survey but have since added them. Unfortunately, on the Data page of the survey, the original column labels are still being displayed. I set them on the feature service itself and it works when adding the layer to a web map and I also set the label and bind::esri:fieldAlias fields in the spreadsheet. Nothing I've done will change how the table in the Data page of the survey is displayed. I really like that page because the popup visualizes the survey results similar to how they are displayed in the survey itself; however, I can't use the page as is because the table is not displaying correctly.


How can I change how the table in the Data page is displayed?